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A cup of hot coffee or a soothing cup of tea is not just a beverage that quenches the thirst, but it is also one that stimulates you in many ways. The aroma, taste, and color of your favorite brew become an indispensable part of your morning rituals, or at any other time. Every home has to have at least one jar of instant coffee or tea powder in one corner of the kitchen. It has become indispensable to people all across the world.

But what about these beverages hygiene when you are travelling or running an office for many employees? SIP tea and coffee premix is a ready-to-use, shelf stable, soluble powder that allows you to make your hot beverage in seconds. All you need to do is add hot water. We have many varieties of tea premix flavours in India such as Ginger, Masala, Sugar-Free Elaichi, and Saffron No Sugar.

If you are the one responsible for the beverage selection in your office or shop, then you can surely think about our good quality products as they are natural as well as healthy. For many of the offices and some stores, there is no budget for high quality coffee/tea which can lead to dissatisfaction among visitors and your staff. There are 2 main problems here: people who drink more than their fair share of coffee/tea; and lack of hygiene due to constant brewing on the stove.

SIP is a leading company providing tea and coffee premix to increase hygiene. Our goal has been to produce only the highest quality instant tea and coffee premix. You can make a cup quickly and easily with just one pack of premix and water. It’s convenient and ideal for busy people. It’s also easy to use on any scale, and it ensures consistency from start to finish. Your staff will like the convenience as well as the taste, and you don't even need gas or machines. We simplify your process by providing a convenient, easy-to-use solution for brewing fresh coffee and tea premixes.

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About Us

SIP is a company founded by Mr. Shourya Gattani, son of Mrs . Shradha Gattani and grandson of Mr. KG Gattani who is the owner of Gattani group. He has completed his education in marketing from Australia. While he was travelling to various countries he realized that there was no tasty and hygienic Indian variety of tea anywhere. It was at that time other variations were available but very unhygienic according to him. With this thought in mind, he started his preparation for launching the modular Tea & Coffee premix variant which would address all basic hygiene & quality concerns using state-of-the-art Food Science & Technology practices.

Our company is committed to providing the consumers with the best product quality. Our company is really approachable for people who are interested in the business aspect of SIP or just want to have a healthy lifestyle while travelling. SIP aims to enhance your drinking experience by redefining the beverage industry's impression of tea and coffee powder. Our products are also aimed at bringing health and hygiene under one roof, bringing you closer to your loved ones while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee together.

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Happy Clients

I love your Coffee Premix Cups. It is the best I have ever had. I bought the samplers-and now I am ordering by the box. It is never bitter. I am impressed. I live in Udaipur just south of you guys. We will be great friends.

Ravi Rathore

Thx so much. Tea Premix Cups is fantastic. they are so sweet… you will see their sales go up… I love the tea Premix Cups… SIP Company Best For This Types Of Products. Again thx so much.

Aman Lasod

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